AmericaView is a nationwide program that focuses on satellite remote sensing data and technologies in support of applied research, K-16 education, workforce development, and technology transfer. Click here to learn more about about AmericaView.

WyomingView is one of state-based consortium, led by WYGISC and the University of Wyoming, working together to build a nationwide network of users to fulfill the goals of AmericaView in Wyoming.


  • Visit potential remote sensing data users in the state and assess their needs
  • Organize users in the private, local and state, educators, and federal agencies

Data archive and distribution:
  • Maintain and grow an archive of ready-to-use remotely sensed data
  • Provide no- or low-cost remotely sensed data

  • Improve educational opportunities to highlight the benefits of remotely sensed data
  • Develop online courses on theoritcal and applied aspects

  • Initiate pilot-projects with agencies to test of utility of remote sensed data
  • Demonstrate benefits of remotely sensed data to Wyoming end-users