WyomingView offers scholarships and internships in support of undergraduate and graduate students using remotely sensed data in their research. These scholarships were made possible by the generous support from the USGS and AmericaView Inc. which fund WyomingView.


2010-2011 Recipients

Mr. Blake Cobb (BS, Range Ecology/Watershed Mgt)
Ms. Claire Hudson (BS, Biology)
Mr. Tyrell Perry (BS, Range Ecology/Watershed Mgt)


2009-2010 Recipients
Mr. Brett Fahrer (BS, Geography)
Mr. Travis Yeik (BS, Geography)
Ms. Harika Tridandapani (MS, Computer Science)
Mr. Paul Arendt (BA, Geography)
Ms. Karley Shepperson (BS, Rangeland Ecology/Watershed Mgt)
Mr. William Lamar Gray (MA, Geography)
Ms. Alyson B. Courtemanch (MS, Zoology & Physiology)


2008-2009 Recipients
Mr. Mr. Adam J. Stephens (BS, Range Ecology/Watershed Mgt)
Mr. Brice J. Stanton (BS, Range Ecology/Watershed Mgt)
Mr. J. Garrett Klein (BS, Range Ecology/Watershed Mgt)
Mr. Laramie J. Wiginton (BS, Range Ecology/Watershed Mgt)


2007-2008 Recipients
Ms. Elizabeth E Parrish (BS, Range Ecology/Watershed Mgt)*
Ms. Abigail K. Martin (BS, Range Ecology/Watershed Mgt)*
Ms. Moriah Shadwick (BS, Range Ecology/Watershed Mgt)
Ms. Ashley J. Whitman (BS, Range Ecology/Watershed Mgt)
Mr. Vincent Salerno (BS, Range Ecology/Watershed Mgt)


2006-2007 Recipients
Mr. Mathew Seymour (BS, Range Ecology/Watershed Mgt)*
Mr. Curtis McGann (BS, Geography)
Ms. Tess Anderson (BS, Geography)
Mr. David Cook (MS, Geography)


2005-2006 Recipients
Ms. Madison Ellison (BS, Biology)*
Ms. Tanna Geogre (BS, Biology)
Mr. Brian Flemister (BS, Geography)
Mr. Andrew Prior (BS, Geography)
Ms. Julia Angstmann (PhD, Botany)


2004-2005 Recipients
Mr. Scott Kelley (BS, Geography)
Ms. Dulce Boles (MS, Geography)

* WyomingView/WAES internships. Wyoming Agriculture Experiment Station equally contributed for these joint scholarships. Receipiants of Wyomingview/WAES interships use remotely sensed data for addressing agricultural applications in SAREC, Lingle, Wyoming.